Table of Contents - Issue 21

Issue 21

Respectability or Holiness?

Ruth Van Reken: Getting Real with God

Lionel Stewart on Moari/Pakeha Relationships

Postmodern Worship

Evangelistic Bible Studies

Joyce Huggett on Meditation


The Church: Respectable or Holy?
Briar Whitehead

Is church a place where we welcome the kinds of people (and behaviour) that Jesus did? Or have we made it a place where respectability rules?

Getting Real with God: An Interview with Ruth van Reken
Diane Benge

Can God's will be painful?

The Journey of Cultural Recognition
Lionel Stewart

Maori Christian Leader Lionel Stewart shows us how far we have come in recognising and honouring cultural differences ­ and how far we still have to go.

The Strange Rites of Alternative Worship
Jonathan Beazer

Hillsong isn't the only kind of contemporary worship around. Jonathan Beazer describes some postmodern approaches to Christian worship.

Evangelistic Bible Studies
Ada Lum

Why do we assume non Christians are not interested in reading the Bible?

Lord of the Rings
Paul Charman

The fantasy classic by JRR Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, topped the Best Book of the Century British poll and the NZ Whitcoulls Best 100 Books list. Paul Charman looks at some of the issues raised by the enduring popularity of Tolkien's work.

Perfection: An Unnecessary Evil?
Diane Benge

Wild Winter Worship
Sheila Pritchard

Visiting Those in Prison
Will Buist

God and the Flood
Bob Eyles

Shepherd in the Army Barracks
Hugh Kemp


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