Table of Contents - Issue 24

Issue 24

Was Paul a Sexist?

Women and their Place in the Church

Rob Harley

NZ'S Governor-General on Marriage

Christian Resources on the Internet

The Abused Speak Out

Christmas Dinner


Rob Harley Gets Extremely Close Up
Diane Benge

Linda Gollen and Rob Harley are producing a new series of their highly praised Christian documentary, "Extreme Close Up".

'90s Women Talk about their Place in the Church
Diane Benge

Drop in on the discussion amongst a group of Christian women concerning their place in today's Church.

Behind the Veil

Women who wear the Muslim 'burka' become anonymous, ignorable. Some Christian women believe they know how that feels.

Was Paul a Sexist?
Dr Chris Marshall

Stubby's Surprise
Debra Hodgson

A Christmas story.

Whatever Became of Marriage?
Sir Michael Hardie Boys

New Zealand's Governor-General sounds a wake-up call to our society.

Christian Resources on the Internet
Alan Missen

Got a computer? A modem? A web browser and ISP? Then check out Alan Missen's recommendations for useful resources for Christians on the internet.

Of the Church but Not in It?
Diane Benge

Treating Christian women with dignity and respect.

Christmas Dinner with a Difference
Bob Peters

Bob and Glenys Peters have been discovering that there's more than one way of celebrating Christmas.

A Long View of Evangelism
Paul Duncan

Mike Smiler


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