Table of Contents - Issue 25

Issue 25

Parchute Extreme

Controversy Amongst Christians

Chuck Colson

The Church's Mission in New Zealand

Christmas Postmortem

The Abused Speak Out

Photojournalism in Africa


An Extreme Experience
Amanda Sachtleben

The biggest Parachute Festival yet, with 13,000 attending. If you didn't make it along, Amanda Sachtleben will give you a good idea of what you missed.

Fight the Fight Good
Chris Benge

Meet Gareth Jones, a quiet New Zealander who is passionate about honest and open discussion between Christians ­ even on controversial topics.

Glamour? What Glamour?
Bartha Hill

Photojournalism! Wow . . . what an exciting job! Meet Winnie Ogana, who serves the Lord with pen and camera.

Christmas Postmortem: Rediscovering Lost Christmas Values
Marita Vandeburg

A Tree A Cliff A Lens: the Church's Mission in New Zealand
Paul Windsor

A tree . . . a cliff . . . a lens . . . what could Paul Windsor possibly be talking about?

The Abused Speak Out

Read the stories of two abuse survivors and how one church has tried to ensure safety for all members of their congregation.

Chuck Colson : An Interview

Six-figure salary . . . President Nixon . . . Watergate . . . conversion to Christ . . . incarceration . . . Prison Fellowship . . . . Meet Charles (Chuck) Colson, one of our era's best known Christian leaders and commentators.

Seeing and Believing
Diane Benge

A Broken Heart on the Dust-Heap
Murray Shearer

Church Network Web sites
Brian Brandon

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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