Table of Contents - Issue 26

Issue 26

In the Shadow of Casinos: Gambling in New Zealand

Long Distance Pastoring

Margaret Becker

Chuck Colson


Margaret Becker in New Zealand
Margaret Becker is one of Christian music's most thoughtful artists. When she visited New Zealand in February she talked about the Christian music industry and God's work in her life.

Location Location Location
Ross Pilkinton

Ross Pilkinton believes that God calls all Christians to reach out to people in their adversity - for some this means living with them in their communities of pain.

Casinos: Place Your Bets
Phil Pennington

"Reality" looks at the effects of casinos and gambling on the lives of ordinary New Zealanders.

What's Wrong with a Little 'Flutter'?
Peter Phipps

Counsellor's Notebook
Rosemary Wells

Dealing with gambling addictions.

Is the Pen as Mighty as the Roulette Wheel?
Ken Edgecombe

12 Simple Steps to Becoming a Professional Victim
David Riddell

Becoming a victim has never been easier. Master the steps with advice from Christian counsellor David Riddell.

The Effectiveness of the Long Distance Pastor
Murray Robertson

Spreydon Baptist pastor Murray Robertson believes that staying for the long haul is part of a pastor's job description.

Making the World Safe for Religion
Charles Colson

Once More with Gratitude
Diane Benge

The Unforced Rhythms of Grace
Sheila Pritchard

The Gospel, the Full Gospel and Nothing but the Gospel
Geoff Sharp

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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