Table of Contents - Issue 27

Issue 27

Singles in the Church

Journey to the Centre of Greek orthodoxy

Christians: Servants or Celebrities

Social Responsibility: The Budget and the Gospel


Leaf from a Pilgrim's Diary
Ross Hooker

NZer Ross Hooker travelled to Mount Athos, the heart of Greek Orthodoxy. Read about what he found.
Talk Down
Ross Clark

Learning to live with singleness when you'd rather be preparing for marriage is like a 'talk down'. The pilot is dead the plane is plummeting ­ you don't want to take the controls and be talked down to land, but if you don't you will die. What choice do you have?

Purposeful Singleness: A Conversation
Fern Horst & Mike McMillan

Drop in on an email conversation between two singles as they discuss aspects of singleness and Christian faith.

Sexuality and Singleness
Sheila Pritchard

"But what about the sex?" many singles ask. Card-carrying single Sheila Pritchard points out there is much more to sexuality than sexual relations.

Geoff Bullock :
No Longer the Golden Boy

Diane Benge

Once the golden boy of Australasian worship music, Geoff Bullock has been discovering new dimensions of the grace of God - now it is his only message.

Servants or Celebrities
Wayne Kirkland

Social Responsibility : The Budget and the Gospel
Jonathan Boston

Last but not Least
Diane Benge

Biblical Software
Alan Missen

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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