Table of Contents - Issue 28

Issue 28

Special Feature:
Creation, Evolution and Genesis

Selling the needy for a Pair of Nikes?

What's So Good About the Ascension?

Money and the Kingdom of God (Part 1)


In the Beginning
Neil Broom

In the beginning . . . what? For many, the creation/evolution debate symbolises the great divide between belief in the existence of a supernatural God, and belief in a totally materialistic and impersonal universe.

In Defence of Special Creation
David H Lane

Let Creation Speak!
Don Moffat

What's so good about the Ascension?
Philip Yancey

"How come Jesus left us?" asks Philip Yancey. How could he honestly say "But I tell you the truth. It is for your good that I am going away". How can it be good?
Selling the Needy for a Pair of Nikes
Jo Beazer

Running shoes and Amos - what could they possibly have in common?

The Seekers are Coming
Peter Renner

The Seekers - coming to our church? Are they really?

Money and the Kingdom of God
Brian Hathaway

Money is powerful stuff. People will go to extraordinary lengths to obtain it and protect it. Brian Hathaway asks how well the Christian Church is doing in utilising this resource for the kingdom of God.

Listening with an Open Heart
Diane Benge

Consuming Fire
Sheila Pritchard

Balancing the Books
Geoff Sharp

Front Pages of Church Web sites
Brian Brandon

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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