Table of Contents - Issue 30

Issue 30

Infertility and New Birth Technologies


Parachute Music Festival

The Isaiah Tour

Hikoi of Hope

More on Creation Versus Evolution


Hikoi of Hope
Julia Stuart

Enough is enough ­ read about Te Hikoi Mo Te Tumanako Mo Te Rawakore: the walk bringing hope to those who have nothing.
A View from the South
Peter Carrell

Organising the passage of the Hikoi through Marlborough

Lead, Follow or get out of the Way
Ken Edgecombe

Coping with Infertility
Rhonda and Ross Thompson

One in eight couples struggles with infertility. Rhonda and Ross Thompson share some of their thoughts and feelings as they worked through this life crisis.

The Assisted Reproductive Technologies
Gareth Jones

How should Christians view the new birth technologies? what do the procedures involve, and what are the ethical considerations?

Redeeming Christmas

Endless shopping and piles of tinselly decorations: is this what Christmas is really about?

Hope for a City
Tim Meadowcroft

Open your Bibles to Isaiah and prepare for a whistle-stop tour with BCNZ Biblical Studies lecturer Tim Meadowcroft.

Parachuting in for a Not-So-Soft Landing
Louise Schoevers

Parachute Festival organisers prepare for a "totally awesome" weekend.


The Case for an Historical Genesis
Russell Grigg

Genesis 1 as Symbolic Truth
Dennis P Gordon

'Tis the Season
Diane Benge

First apply Your Own Oxygen Mask
Sheila Pritchard

Sex and the Christian Young Person
Geoff Sharp

Web Sites for Christian Organisations
Brian Brandon

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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