Table of Contents - Issue 31

Issue 31

The Christian Parties and Your Vote

Christian Heritage and Future New Zealanbd

Christian Voice

Glenn Kaiser Interview

House Church: Deinstitutionalising Church

The Isaiah Tour (Part 2)


In Conversation:
An Interview with Glenn Kaiser

Glenn Kaiser of Jesus People USA, renowned Christian musician and communicator, puts the Christian music industry under the spotlight and finds some flaws.

The Christian Parties and Your Vote

Christian Heritage's Graeme Capill and Future New Zealand's Anthony Walton each wants you to vote for their party in the coming election. So what does each party have to say for itself?
Christian Heritage:
Unashamedly Christian
Dr. Adam Claasen

Future New Zealand
Karen Gazley


Christain Voice
John Stringer

A voice in the wilderness? Christian Voice is a special interest group which has recently been formed in the National Party. Spokesperson and founder John Stringer tells us why he sees it as necessary.

Bringing It All Back Home
Mark Laurent

Mark Laurent invites us to a very different version of church - without the church buildings and the overhead projector.

A Tour of Isaiah (Part 2)
Tom Meadowcroft
Watching "the Rock"
Steve Pavarno

Between the Bible and Now

An Introduction to Church History
Stuart Lange

On the Journey
Sheila Pritchard
The Butterfly Experience
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
Blessing Through Email
Mike Smiler
Bible College of New Zealand News
Ruth Blakie
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Reality Crosswords


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