Table of Contents - Issue 32

Issue 32

Discovering Eastern Orthodoxy: The Church We Forgot

Michael Harper: A Charismatic Becomes Orthodox

Ten Myths about Church Leavers

Can the West be Converted?

How the Early Church Expanded

Y Zero K


Discovering Eastern Orthodoxy
Jeff Simmonds

The Church we Forgot

Interview with Michael Harper

Michael Harper, well known as a leader of the charismatic movement in Britain, is now an Orthodox priest. Why did he make the change?

The Attractiveness of Orthodox Spirituality
Rob Yule


Ten Myths About Church Leavers
Alan Jamieson

Can the West be Converted?
John Flett
Behind the Scenes at Parachute
Amanda Sachtleben
Y Zero K

Diane Benge

Culture, Contemplation and a Small Sheep

Between the Bible and Now

Expansion of the Early Church
Stuart Lange

77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Geoff Sharp
What's Wrong with Kiwi Blokes?
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
Register Your Website with General Search Engines
Mike Smiler
Bible College of New Zealand News
Ruth Blaikie
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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