Table of Contents - Issue 33

Issue 33

Believers Who Leave

Church: Love It or Leave It?

Fowler's Stages of Faith

War and Peace in Kosovo

The Apostolic Fathers

Orthodoxy Part 2


Believers Who Leave
Diane Benge

A Churchless Faith
Alan Jamieson

What makes people stop attending church and what happens to their faith after they have left?

Why I Left Church
Stories of Church Leavers

Reality readers who no longer attend church services tell us what brought them to that decision, and how their relationship with God has fared.

The Church:
Love it or Leave it?
Brian Hathaway

Brian hathaway tells us why we should belong to a church.

Fowler, Faith and Fallout
Andrew Pritchard

Could it be that people feel uncomfortable in church services becaue their faith has grown? Christian scholar James Fowler's "stages of faith" give us some clues.

Blessed are the Peacemakers
Mark Forman

Can Christians ever say that war is right? An examination of NATO's response to the Kosovo crisis.

The Good Friday Open Letter of Bishop Artemios

A Balkan bishop asks the West: Why are you bombing us?
What's Wrong with Modern Evangelism?
Wyn Fountain
Evangelists John Wesley and William Carey had it right, says Wyn Fountain: how come we have got it so wrong?

Eastern Orthodoxy: The Theological Differences
Jeff Obadiah Simmonds

An examination of orthodox theology and how and why it differs from ours.


Between the Bible and Now

The Apostolic Fathers
Stuart Lange

On the Journey
Sheila Pritchard
What is Security Anyway?
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Mike Smiler
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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