Table of Contents - Issue 34

Issue 34

Is the Left Right
and the Right Wrong?

Celtic Christianity

Post Church Groups

When It's Cancer

a Mega City

Stephen May on Armageddon

Meet Justin Martyr

Hillsong: the
Hype and Beyond


What is Celtic Christianity?
Andrew Dunn

Celtic Christianity: an ancient Christian tradition with somethng to offer everyone.
Is the Left Right and
the Right Wrong?

Gavin Drew
Are right wing politics truly based on selfishness?

Called to a Mega City
Jocelyn Pullenger

From small-town Levin to the mega city of Toronto, Jocelyn Pullenger has a mission.

In Search of Turangawaewae
Alan Jamieson


Christians who no longer 'fit' a church often establish less formalised post-church groups. These groups have things to teach the institutional church, and things to learn from it.

When It's Cancer:
Robin Knox Shares Her Story

When Robin Knox found she had cancer her life was turned upside down. But God, she says, has never left her.

Hillsong NZ: The Hype and Beyond
Ivana Behrent

Where is the Passion?
Geoff Sharp

Mayerly Sanchez, nominated for the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize, has passion to burn. What about our young people?

Diane Benge
Musing About Politics

Between the Bible and Now

Justin Martyr
Stuart Lange

Media Watch
Stephen May
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Mike Smiler
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
The Internet and Christian News
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Music Reviews

Reality Crosswords

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