Table of Contents - Issue 35

Issue 35

Talking about Sex with Sy Rogers

Politics: The
Right Replies

More on the Christian Parties


Talking About Sex with Sy Rogers

Issues of sexuality need to be talked about amongst Christians as we discover that God redeems all areas of our lives including our sexuality.
Sy Tells His Story
Interview with Sy Rogers
Dave Crampton

God's Love Changes Us
Aaron Ure

When God loves you the most amazing things can happen. Aaron Ure tells his story.

The Fruitfulness of
Christian Political Action
Joe Wallis
Christian political action: how will the Christian parties fare in the upcoming election?
The Left is Not Right
Matthew Flannagan
Does Christianity commit us to deny conservatism and accept collectivism? No! says Matthew Flannagan.
Are Christians Right or Left?
John Coyle
The Spring Fete
Ken Rolph

How Then Should We Live?
Gavin Drew

From the Exodus to the ministry of Jesus, the Bible gives us clues about how we should live with each other so that we manifest the values of the Kingdom of God.
Diane Benge
When You Judge...

Between the Bible and Now

Stuart Lange

On the Journey
Shiela Pritchard
God Chose Love
Media Watch
Stephen May
Star Wars  
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Mike Smiler
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
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Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
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Reality Crosswords
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