Table of Contents - Issue 36

Issue 36

Looking Forward,
Looking Backward
Sharing the Gospel in
a New Millennium

A Church Split Apart

Living with
the Poor


Helping Church Leavers

Children's Story


Evangelism for the Third Millennium
Jim Wallace

How do we carry out the evangelistic task in the new millennium? Jim Wallace encourages us to look back to the first millennium and learn from the Celtic Christians, who found themselves in a pagan society with similarities to ours.
Living with the Poor
Adrienne Thompson
Adrienne Thompson, a Baptist missionary for 20+ years in Bangladesh, examines the question of poverty and shares with us how she has come to see her task working with the very poor.
A Church Split Apart
Paul Winsor
A distinctly Christian world view cannot sustain the dualism of Western culture.

Spiritual Exchanges
Jenny McIntosh

Jenny McIntosh helps to facilitate a group which meets in the basement of a central city church, aiming to help church leavers on their spiritual journey.

How Real Are You?
Chris Grantham
How real are you? asks Chris Grantham, NZ Director of InterServe.

Simeon the Pole-Sitter
Jeff Obadiah Simmonds

A children's story by Jeff Obadiah Simmonds about one of the more unusual saints of the Church: St. Simeon the Pole-Sitter.

Diane Benge
A Christmas Challenge

Between the Bible and Now

Apostolic Gospel vs Gnosis
Stuart Lange

On the Journey
Shiela Pritchard
Time Out
Media Watch
Stephen May
Derrida & IMAX
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Mike Smiler
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
More Helpful NZ Christian Websites
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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