Table of Contents - Issue 40

Issue 40

Examining Leadership in the New Zealand Church

Leadership in the
New Zealand Church

We asked four 'leaders of the New Zealand Church' to answer some curly to answer some curly questions on leadership.

Murray Gow

Humility is the essential ingredient in Christian leadership. Murray Gow takes a close look at this attitude which we all need more of.

Georgia on My Mind
Stephen Looi
Taking the time to understand how others see things can be more valuable than it may at first appear.

Leadership in the Church
Peter Lyne

Being a distant leader simply won't do if we want to encourage growth in the Church. We must share our lives with one another, say Peter and Linda Lyne.

The Beautiful Saltshaker
Andrea Candy

When we modify the "saltshaker" we'd better be sure we have the Master's plans for the "salt" firmly in mind.
Diane Benge
Stepping Off the Pedestal
Principal's Ponderings
Brian Hathaway

Between the Bible and Now

The Desert Fathers
Stuart Lange

New Beginnings
Mark Pierson

On the Journey
Shiela Pritchard
No Prizes for Coming Second?
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Alumni Affairs
David Stewar
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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