Table of Contents - Issue 42

Issue 42

Harry Goes Under the Microscope

Coming Apart at the Seams

Its Church, Jim, But Not As We Know It

Joseph's Nightmare

Avalanche But No Snow

Avalanche But No Snow

Andrew Connolly

Families like this, living and working in the shadow of mountains of rubbish at a Philippines dump, were buried alive when the rubbish collapsed.

Harry Potter and
the Future of the West

Jeff Fountain

Harry Potter and the future of the western world: is Harry a sign of where we are heading? asks YWAM Europe's Jeff Fountain


Harry Potter and
the Magic of Hogwarts

Nicola Hoggard Creegan

What is magic, and when is it - or any other power - dangerous? BCNZ theology lecturer Nicola Hoggard Creegan puts the Harry Potter books under the microscope and examines the nature and function of fantasy and its relationship to theology and Christian faith.

Joseph's Nightmare

Ruth Nicholls

We all know about Joseph's famous dreams - but what about the nightmare which preceded them?

Coming Apart at the Seams

Kevin Ward

Without the Ten Commandments not only do individual lives fall to bits but society itself comes apart at the seams.

Merry Christmas
Stephen Loi


It's Church Jim, But Not As We Know It
Steve Taylor

Diane Benge
For and Against

Between the Bible and Now

Iron Sharpens Iron

Stuart Lange

New Beginnings
Mark Pierson

On the Journey
Shiela Pritchard
A Safe and Comfortable God?
Principal's Ponderings
Brian Hathaway
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Bible College of
New Zealand News

Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Music Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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