Table of Contents - Issue 46

Issue 46

Thinking About Violence

Guns into Ploughshares

The James Bulger murder

Peace Activist Hans de Boer

Facing the Challenges


Guns into Ploughshares

Esther Augsburger

Esther Augsburger's story of reclaiming thousands of guns which had been handed to police in a gun amnesty for a sculpture that "will tell the people of the future what we did about this problem of violence, and be a symbol of hope and peace."

Lest We Forget

Stephen May

In 1993 2-year old James Bulger was murdered by two schoolboys in Liverpool. Those schoolboys are now 18 and due for release. Stephen May, who was living in Britain at the time, revisits the case.

The Amazing Life
of Hans de Boer

75-year old Rev Hans de Boer, a lively German peace activist, has an amazing story to tell, as well as some thought-provoking comments to make in our interview with him.

Interview with a Pacifist

Hans de Boer speaks to Chris Marshall

Facing the Challenges

Kevin Ward


What are the most significant challenges we face in rethinking church at the beginning of the new millennium?

Diane Benge

The Other Cheek
On the Journey
Sheila Pritchard
What Do You Really Want?
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry

The Word Through Windows
David Crawley

Jesus and the Politics of Identity

Media Watch
Steven May

The Banality of Evil
AncientFuture Worship
Mark Pierson
Gladys' Revenge
Stephen Looi

Principal's Page
Brian Hathaway

Evangelicals and Social Action
Bible College of
New Zealand News

Amanda Sachtleben
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
. . . that they may be saved
Mike Smiler  
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