Table of Contents - Issue 51

Issue 51

A Kiwi in Israel

No Peace without Justice

The Effects of Christian Zionism


A Kiwi in Israel

What must it be like to live in Israel in these days of suicide bombings? Kiwi Murray Dixon shares some insights.

No Peace without Justice

Rev Viv Coleman explores how Palestinian Christians living in the occupied territories attempt to live out their faith.


The Voice that must be Heard

How the Peace was Lost

How the peace was lost: the extraordinary offer which came to nothing.

Christian Zionism: A History


Christian Zionism and Restorative Justice

What has been the effect of Christian Zionism on the Israel/Palestine conflict?

Hey You! Mind Your Language


God and Suffering


Why Witness to Israel?

Developing a True Picture

My God, My God, Why...?

Finding "Home"

Adrienne Thompson


How the West Was Won

77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians


The Map is not the Territory

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

XXX on the Net


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