Table of Contents - Issue 53

Issue 53

Different Ways of Doing Church

What do Church and
Rugby have in common?

Christians and Politics

Wanting to be like Barbie

Journeying away and back

Exploring the Frontiers of Faith



A Cityside Kaleidoscope

Christians in Politics


Doing Church


77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians


Friends Exploring the Frontiers of Faith

Alan Jamieson and Jenny McIntosh have traversed the length and breadth of New Zealand to meet with Christians who no longer attend institutional churches, but still gather together for worship and fellowship.

Tents of Meeting


Rugby and Church: Worlds in Conflict?

What could rugby and church possibly have in common?

Learning from Medieval Monasticism


The Journey Away and the Journey Back

One man’s journey away from (and back to) belief and faith in God.

Texts of Desire

Wanting to be like Barbie . . . school ball season sets David Crawley thinking: what affects our beliefs about values, gender, success and happiness?

Wealth in the Wild West



Can we have too much variety?






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Film Review

Mike Smiler  
Music Reviews  
Reality Crosswords  
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