Table of Contents - Issue 19

Issue 19

Follies of the 90's

Human Rights: have We the Right to Choose?

Confronting our Narcissism

Are our Churches too Small?

From Toronto to Pensacola

Science: Misshaping Ethical Values

Special Vision New Zealand Report

BCNZ 75th Anniversary

Human Rights: Do We Have the Right to Choose?
Bruce Logan

Today human rights are about choice rather than truth, says Bruce Logan

Finding Ourselves in God: Confronting our Narcissism
David Kettle

We are getting increasingly used to gazing at ourselves in an ever more frantic search for personal meaning, says David Kettle. How do we look up and find ourselves in God?

Are Our Churches Too Small?
Murray Robertson

What size church do kiwis like? And is that relevant to God's purposes and the ministry of the Gospel in our country? 'Big Church' man Murray Robertson asks us to look again at prejudices and possibilities.

Fair Cop
Warren Judkins

Warren Judkins learns a few things about when - and when not - to play celestial policeman.

From Toronto to Pensacola : What on Earth is Happening?
Don Ferguson

Toronto . . . Promise Keepers . . . Pensacola . . . what's happening in North America? Will it bear lasting fruit in the church and society at large? NZer Don Ferguson attempts to answer some of these questions.

Science: Does it Distort our Ethics?
Neil Broom

Making the most of a Great Gift
Diane Benge

How many of us appreciate the gift of time?

On Being a Fallow Field
Sheila Pritchard

Reading Aloud the Word of God
Louis Patten

It's all in the way you use your voice.


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