Table of Contents - Issue 20

Issue 20


Youth Ministry

Trevor Yaxley

MKs Suffer the Effects of Stress

For the Times They Really are a-Changin'
Hugh Morrison

Changes in our society are forcing effective youth ministry to reassess 'business as usual'. ISCF National Coordinator Hugh Morrison points to some of the key issues facing Youth ministry if it is to remain relevant to today's youth.

Postmodernity: A Look Ahead
Jeff Fountain

The world is beginning to look very strange to the Baby Boom generation. Where are we headed? What are the contours of the worldview shift described as 'postmodernity'? NZer and European YWAM leader Jeff Fountain charts a course for Christian faith and ministry through this strange new world.

Running to Catch Up
Darryl Gardiner

In youth work the old methods are no longer producing results. Why? And what do we do about it?

Coping with Loss
Ruth Van Reken

What happens when following God's call creates problems for our children? Most Missionary Kids endure ongoing cycles of separation which can take a real toll on their emotional and spiritual health. Ruth van Reken has been wrestling with this area of need for more than a decade.

Trevor Yaxley: Entrepreneur and Evangelist
Vic Francis

Meet Trevor Yaxley, one of our most creative and enterprising evangelists and Christian leaders.

Youth: Problem or Solution?
Dr John Hitchen

More Fun than TV!
Ashleigh Donaldson

Living Rhythmically
Joyce Huggett

Mums in Touch
Deirdre Chicken

Small Churches Matter Too!
Peter Carrell


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