Table of Contents - Issue 22

Issue 22

Our Forgotten Brothers and Sisters

Ian Grant

Muslims in New Zealand

Tony Campolo

Blue Murder in the Cathedral

Joyce Huggett


Our Muslim Neighbours
Phil Pennington

New Zealand may have a long way to catch up with Britain, but it is already home for many Muslim people. How do NZ Muslims view the approach of extremist groups like the Taliban? How do they feel about kiwi attitudes to their faith?

Our Forgotten Brothers and Sisters
John Christopher

Iranian Christian widow Takoosh Hovsepian-Mehr keeps a photo of her husband Haik, an Assemblies of God pastor, who was murdered in Iran in January 1984. Indigenous Christians in many Muslim countries struggle under oppression of many kinds ­ and they need the support of Western Christians.

Blue Murder in the Cathedral
Max Liddle

A NZer visits Robert Schuller's 'Crystal Cathedral'.

Tony Campolo - An interview
Dave Crampton

The passionate, articulate Italian American college professor just keeps on keeping on. In Wellington recently as guest speaker for YFC's Capital Teen Convention, Tony Campolo delivered a short staccato burst on topics like Postmodernity, drugs, young people, the church and non-Christians. Dave Crampton held the mike.

A Muslim is my Neighbour (Help!)
John Roxborogh

Joyce Huggett: En Route to New Zealand - an interview
Diane Benge

Ian Grant
Vic Francis

New Zealand's oldest teenager, he's been called. So has Ian Grant got old and boring yet?

Don't Box Me In!
Diane Benge

Persistent Asking
Sheila Pritchard

Working with Somali Refugee Women
Emma & Phil Pennington

Dancing with the Enemy
Hugh Kemp

Visiting the Beijing Lama Temple

Mind Games
Catherine Carrell


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