Table of Contents - Issue 23

Issue 23

Rebbecca St James

When Pastors Fall

Betraying Sexual Trust

Christians in China

Reading the Old Testament

The Internet and the Church



Rebecca St. James - An interview
Dave Crampton

When Pastors Fall
Allan Anderson

Helping pastors who have become enmeshed in sexual sin is a daunting task. Allan Anderson, a pastor himself, has taken on this responsibility several times. The results are not always predictable.

Betraying Trust
Stanley J Grenz

Some Thoughts to Ponder

Points to note about sexual abuse in the church.

China: The Sleeping Lion
Diane Benge

Johnny Li and his wife Sharon know more than most what life is like for Christians in China.

A New Kind of Net
Brian Brandon

Old Testament Characters
Jeff Simmonds

Dr Jeff Simmonds offers us strategies for reading the stories of the Old Testament which can help Christians get more life-application-value from these sometimes bewildering portions of Scripture.

Ken Rolph

Is the new series by X-Files creator Chris Carter just another exploration of the sick and sordid, or is there more to it? Ken Rolph argues the latter.

Spring Flowers
Annie Koetsdyk

Spring Flowers bring back a world of memories for Dutch emigre Annie Koetsdyk.

Adulation and Emptiness
Diane Benge

The Death of a Princess
Garry Winger

What was it that made the death of Diana, princess of Wales, such a phenomenal event? Gary Winger offers some thoughts.

Film/Video Review

The film "Topless Women Talk about their Lives" leaves viewers asking some deep questions about life.

Mike Smiler


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