Table of Contents - Issue 29

Issue 29

Generation X

Bigger Ghetto
or Brighter Bride?

Report from the Lamberth Conference

A Night at the Movies

Money and the Kingdom of God (Part 2)

Movie Review:
The Apostle

Youth, Culture and Christianity


Generation X
Rowland Croucher

What or who is Generation X?

Youth, Culture and Christianity
Diane Benge

Youth from the adjacent council estate worship in a traditional English Anglican Church - it's all part of a move to incorporate real youth culture into a worship context.

A Bigger Ghetto or a Brighter Bride
Mike McMillan

Are we so busy hiding away in ghettos that we have forgotten what the Church really ought to be like?

A Night at the Movies
Hugh Morrison

A night at the movies - what should we watch and how do we decide? Can movies be more than mindless entertainment?

Money and the Kingdom of God
Brian Hathaway

More from Brian Hathaway on bringing money under control.
Biblical Norms Upheld at Lambeth
Derek Eaton
Nelson Anglican Bishop Derek Eaton, who attended the worldwide Bishops' conference at Lambeth in England, reports on the Conference's homosexuality debate.

Aliens & Exiles
Diane Benge

The Sound of Sheer Silence
Sheila Pritchard

The Ministry of Church Web Sites
Brian Brandon

Generation X
Geoff Sharp

77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians
Chris Fabry

Mike Smiler


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