Table of Contents - Issue 39

We've translated 'dominion' as "Let's make a quick profit now and to hell with the consequences.

Issue 39
Trashing the Earth: Does God Care?

Blessed are the Unemployed

Christians in East Timor

Contextualising the Gospel

Dinner at Mumbai

The Arian Controversy: Is Jesus God?

Christianity in Nepal
Brian Hathaway

Brian Hathaway saw a whole new reality on his recent trip to Nepal.
Is God Green?
Mark Laurent
Does God care about ecological crisis?
God of the Forest
Brenda Laurent

Blessed are the Unemployed
Adrienne Thompson

Struggling with unemployment
when once you were valued
and important members of society.

Churching the Greens
or Greening the Church?
Julian Doorey

Phoenix amid Dili Ashes
Claire Parker

Meet some of our suffering Christian
brothers and sisters in East Timor.

Can You Drink From This Cup?
Isabelle Duff

The Gospel does not belong exclusively to the West, and should not be transmitted in exclusively Western terms.

Diane Benge
Close to Creation

Between the Bible and Now

Is J esus God? The Arian Controversy
Stuart Lange

New Beginnings
Mark Pierson

Building the Church of the New Millennium
On the Journey
Shiela Pritchard
He Knew What He Would Do
Media Watch
Stephen May
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Virtual Reality
Brian Brandon
The Parable of the Love Bug
Alumni Affairs
David Stewar
Bible College of New Zealand News
Amanda Sachtleben
Book Reviews
Reality Crosswords
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