Table of Contents - Issue 43

Issue 43

Looking at the Future of the Church

Fearing God

Church in the Aftermath of the '60s

The Word Through Windows

AncientFuture Worship

The Future of the Church
in New Zealand

Alan Jamieson

Sociologist and pastor Alan Jamieson considers the future of the New Zealand church in a rapidly changing culture.

Water Water Everywhere

Kristin Jack

Last year record floods struck Cambodia and Vietnam. Kristin and Sue Jack, who work with Servants Cambodia, give a first hand account of the flood's impact on the urban poor.

AncientFuture Worship

Mark Pierson

The world is changing and therefore the people the Church is attempting to reach are changing. How do we bridge the gap?

Believing without Belonging: Church in the Aftermath of the '60s

Kevin Ward

What has been the impact on our churches of the social and cultural changes that have taken place since the sixties? Kevin Ward investigates.

Behind the Headliners
at Parachute 2001

Amanda Sachtelben

The Word Through Windows

The Hope of Glory

David Crawley

When we have been Christians for a long time it can be a challenge to keep coming to the Scriptures freshly. David Crawley's new column approaches the text from new angles, through different 'windows' and throws some fresh light on old truths.

Should Christians Fear God?

Murray Gow

Should Christians fear God? Biblical scholar Murray Gow shows how the Bible suggests a close link between love of God and fear of God.

Nothing Illegal
Stephen Looi

Diane Benge

On a Mission

Media Watch
Steven May

The Best and the Worst of 2000 AD

Principal's Ponderings
Brian Hathaway

A Colony of Heaven
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Bible College of
New Zealand News

Amanda Sachtleben
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