Table of Contents - Issue 44

Issue 44

Encountering Neopaganism

Finding God Through Nature

Easter and Paganism

What's Changed in Seven Years?

Twelve Steps to Spiritual Health

Celebrating Creation and Life in all its Abundance

Jim Wallace

Rediscovering Nature - learning from the Celtic Christians, who purposely sought to discover God in everyday life.

Christians and the New Pagans

Nicola Hoggard Creegan

Are paganism and Christian faith in conflict? Is this resurgence of faith in an old spirituality grounds for optimism?

Easter and Paganism

Jeff Simmonds

Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter baskets . . . are our Easter celebrations influenced by paganism?

The Past 7 Years in the New Zealand Church

Answers to a one-question survey

Twelve Steps toward a Healthier Spiritual Life

Harold Hill

We've all heard of Alcoholics Anonymous . . . but what about using AA's Twelve Steps to gain a healthier spiritual life?

Diane Benge

Without Any Excuse

The Word Through Windows
David Crawley

The Many Crosses of Jesus

Media Watch
Steven May

Competition, Consumerism and the Soaring Towers of Mordor

Principal's Ponderings
Brian Hathaway

Our God of Change
77 Habits of Highly
Ineffective Christians

Chris Fabry
Alumni Affairs
David Stewart
Sheila Massey: God Directs My Life
Bible College of
New Zealand News

Amanda Sachtleben
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Music Reviews  
Reality Crosswords  
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