Table of Contents - Issue 54

Issue 54

Immigration and Multiculturalism in NZ

St Paul meets
George W Bush

On Being a Refugee

Bombs to defend Democracy?

The Church and Refugees

Coffee at Christmas



Technicolour Dream or Technicolour Nightmare?

What is the ethnic structure of NZ’s population? How and why is it changing? What are the issues that need addressing?

Finding God in the Wild West


On Being a Refugee

What must it be like to lose everything, even your country, and have to start again in a completely foreign place?

Just People


77 Habits of Highly Ineffective Christians


Christmas Giving

Christmas should not be about giving in order to get . . . for if you give only to those who will give back to you, what more are you doing than others? Do not even unbelievers do the same?

Refugees and Justice

What is a biblical response to those who seek asylum in our country? What is the role of the church in responding to the refugee issue?

God is Watching Us


Isaiah 58


Making Waves


Paul and the President

Imagine St Paul walking up the steps of the White House, preparing to meet with George W Bush. What would he say to the American president?

Bombs to Defend Democracy

What should we as Christians think about war, democracy and freedom?

The Biggest Church Split Ever




All I Want for Christmas!


The Brink of War



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