Table of Contents - Issue 69
Poking at the Dam
An Act of God?
While surveying the disaster zone an Indonesian Christian woman referred to it as God's wrath on the Islamic people of Aceh. Hadn't she noticed that often the only buildings left standing were the mosques? Hadn't she seen that child’s pushbike lying rusting, buckled, with its trainer wheel reaching out as if begging for help on behalf of its previous owner? Is this how God acts?
Enough Is Enough?
Sometimes I wonder about Jesus. I know he was wise and all that, but I can’t help thinking he could have been a little more tactful when talking to rich men. I could be wrong, but it seems financially short-sighted to refuse to allow a very wealthy man to join the discipleship community.
Aliens and Strangers in the World

The concept of being aliens and strangers is a very important element of a Christian worldview – but interestingly, it means virtually the opposite to what many of us assume it means.
Small Groups
PROSACC: Profound Revelations of SACC
Neither to the Left nor to the Right
The Cup and the Bread
Simplicity and Complexity
Power and Relationships
Springs of Living Water
The rise of monotheism is often associated with patriarchy and violence. Christianity, in particular, has been painted as irrevocably linked to notions of domination and control. Are Christians really to blame, then, for the ecological crisis? The answer is probably 'sometimes' – but more by neglect than intention.
From the Beginning
Film Review: Ae Fond Kiss
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Aliens and Strangers

Power and Relationships

Small Groups

Tsunami – an Act of God?

Neither to the Left nor the Right

Christian Notes from a Polluted World